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Rebecca Vincheski

Rebecca Vincheski has been with the Boys & Girls Clubs for 21 years. For the last six years, she has been the Chief Executive Officer of the NFBGC. When she took the position, the agency was in perilous condition.  Within less than a year, working in partnership with the Board of Directors, the Club was able to pay off all the agencies’ debt, increase the revenue by $200,000 & institute new policies & procedures leading to stronger internal control measures.  Prior to NFBGC, Rebecca was the COO for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo.

“Whenever I am having a hard day or get stuck on a work project I walk through the Club. The sounds of laughter, the smiles, the big eyes filled with wonder quickly remind me why I choose this career and why I need to always give it the best I have. They remind me that every day we make a difference.” – Rebecca