Collaborative Partners

The Boys & Girls Clubs Collaborative of Western New York greatly appreciates all the support and guidance we have received from our funding organizations. With their help, we’ve come together with one voice, united in the collective goal of improving, strengthening, and expanding the resources and awareness of our 12 individual Clubs. The Collaborative is driving change for children in the most underserved areas. We are the megaphone for more than 17,500 kids throughout Western New York. We speak for them.

We’re able to make a difference in so many lives and help those who need us most, thanks to the following organizations:

Once again, we greatly appreciate your generosity.


The focus of the Collaborative Office is to forge new community-wide relationships and consolidate requests for support. We know we make more of an impact when we share gifts with all our 45 Clubhouses. To have more children in the clubs, getting the help they need through academic enrichment, mentoring, nutritious meals, and socialization in a safe environment, is our overarching goal.

You can help support this goal by contacting the Collaborative Office at (716) 825-1016 or emailing Tracy Bradshaw at

Thank you!

To learn more about how to get involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs Collaborative of WNY, please complete the Contact Us form and a team member will quickly respond to you.