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Empowering kids to become successful adults

It’s never too soon to teach kids about character. What it means, how to achieve it and how it benefits everyone in their community. Here at The Clubs, we provide programs in leadership, decision-making, and charitable activities. All are provided in safe spaces with positive mentorship, allowing kids to explore their interests and find their passions for the future

Boys and Girls Club
Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club
Boys and Girls Club


When school is out our doors are open

Boys & Girls Clubs offer a structured time and place for Club staff to help members with an important aspect of the educational process – homework and organizational skills. Members emerge from our programs better prepared for classes and proud of their hard work and accomplishments. Clubs provide extra attention and focused assistance to at-risk members and those in need of motivation and direction.


Grab a healthy snack, Feel safe, Have fun, and Be yourself.

Healthy Lifestyles at the Boys & Girls Clubs include a vast amount of physical activities, education around healthy food choices and how to prepare them, and mindfulness. 

This means – healthy living while having fun and being yourself.

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“We will never be able to thank the Boys & Girls Club (BGC) enough for all the support they have given me and my older brother. Programs like Accelerated Reading, the Biddy Basketball league, Golf, and Baseball provided firm foundations that will last a lifetime. The BGC connected me with lifelong friends as well. The BGC will always have a special in my heart.”

– Mr. Jaden Bradley, Boys & Girls Club of Rochester, Member

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“I joined NFBGC when I became a member of their cheer team.  Over the years, I got to help work with the younger cheerleaders and also had the opportunity to be a Youth Development professional and develop art programs for the club kids.  During the pandemic, I received an opportunity to work with Chef Joanna in the Kitchen. Chef ignited my passion for cooking through her kindness and enthusiasm for preparing healthy foods for the kids. I see my future now in the culinary arts and look forward to continuing to have fun at the Club!”

-Miss Whitney Royce. Youth of the Year 2021,  Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club

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“The Club was a place I could go and be safe, eat a hot meal daily, work on social skills while playing with friends and play sports until I was drained of every ounce of energy in my body. The Club helps mold lives and it’s our duty as alumni to give back so we can keep this cycle of success going to the generation after us and many more after them.”

-Mr. Larry “Chip” King, Jr., Boys & Girls Club of Rochester, Alumni