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Tracy Bradshaw

Tracy Bradshaw is a veteran mission-based leader who has spent two decades developing, implementing, and evaluating programming primarily with women and teens. She is an expert in team development, group dynamics, and experiential learning. With sixteen years of senior-level leadership, she has the experience leading and overseeing programs and services in multi-faceted organizations that are required for success. With a career dedicated to helping teams, individuals, families, and communities improve she is a Riley Fellow (Diversity Leaders Initiative) from Furman University, with a B.B.A. in Integrated Marketing & Communications from Houghton College, a Poverty 101 Navigator/Mentor Trainer from Communication Across Barriers, has a Family Development Credential from Cornell University, and is a trainer in Essentials of Asset Building from SEARCH Institute. Youth programming designed and implemented by Tracy and her teams have been highlighted as exceptional at national and state conferences including Beyond School Hours, New York State Youth Bureau, National 21st CCLC Conference, and the SC Education Business Summit.

“A product of exceptional youth work and programs in Western New York myself; I am excited to work and give back to the region where I grew up.”