Boys & Girls Clubs Collaborative of WNY’s response to tragedy at Buffalo Tops on May 14th, 2022

May 24th, 2022

Our hearts are aching for all of those who were injured or traumatized by the despicable act of hatred and violence that took place one mile away from a Boys & Girls Club, especially those who lost a loved one or family member. Thank you for keeping our Boys & Girls Club family in your prayers. We are heartbroken that many of the Boys & Girls Club of Buffalo staff and their families have been personally impacted by this horrific event.  With time, we will get through the grief and pain, but we will never be the same. We know that we must continue to pour love wholeheartedly into our kids each day to make this world a better place for them in the future.

Our message to our kids and the families we serve will continue to be that this hateful act of violence is not who we are. Our amazing kids are resilient and brave and loving. Our families will continue to have our pledge that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo and the Boys & Girls Club Collaborative of WNY will do whatever it takes to keep children safe while they are in our care. We are committed to helping them grow and learn to love a community that is extremely diverse and beautifully mixed. We will continue to pour into their future with love, respect, and strength each day they come to the Club. Not for this week, this month, but always.

Thank you to everyone who continues working to support our mission, and for your calls pledging to do everything possible to keep our kids safe. Thank you for believing in equity and inclusion, and for doing whatever is authentic and sustainable for our kids, now and in the future. Thank you to our Buffalo community, which is like no other when it comes to generosity.  The outpouring of food, transportation, funeral costs, financial support, love and assistance has been bountiful and heartfelt.

We will continue with our commitment to pour love and respect into the kids we serve, not just during this tragedy, but now and in the future.