Boys & Girls Club of Rochester Member Gives Back

November 3rd, 2022
Jacksonville, Florida

Boys & Girls of Rochester Club member William Carter is giving back in a big way.  William is making a difference in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian as an employee of O’Connell Electric.  When asked if he wanted to accompany line workers and tree trimming crews in Jacksonville, Florida, William jumped at the opportunity to help with the mammoth recovery efforts that will eventually put Floridians back into their homes and back to a normal way of life.

William has the wonderful employees of O’Connell Electric to thank for this opportunity.  Almost a year and a half ago William completed high school however, like many young adults at this stage in their lives, he struggled developing plans and finding a direction for what was next for himself.  Dave Emmi, a Boys & Girls Board Member and Vice President of O’Connell Electric’s Power Group, talked with William and asked if he would be willing to consider a career with the company.

O’Connell Electric strives to have a diverse workplace and to make a difference in the lives of people of color.  Dave realized the potential in William and worked to give the young man direction and opportunities that would have been extremely difficult for William to achieve without having proper connections.  While William worked to support O’Connell’s warehouse operations for the company’s Power Group, he learned more and more about what it means to be in a workplace with a great group of people who care and are invested in him.  In July O’Connell helped William secure his CDL license which further provided him with opportunities to grow and develop in his career with the company.  As William’s interests evolve and his life goals continue to develop, he’ll have greater opportunities to work within other divisions at O’Connell.

Because a caring adult like Dave Emmi took the time to see how impactful he could be in this young man’s life today, William is in Florida working with a crew of nearly 300 linemen to help rebuild Florida Strong.  At the same time O’Connell Electric sees their efforts of giving back as generation changing and look forward to the next Boys & Girls Club member they can impact.